XLR8 Sports Apparel custom make a wide range of off field club polo's.,suitable for all members of the club, which include and do not exclude, players, coaches, umpires, trainers, committee members, officials and most important of all, your supporters!  We have a huge size range which are: Men’s (size XS to 6XL), Ladies (size 6-26) and Children (Size 2 to 18) or you have the option of supplying your own size charts.

Polo options:

  • Sublimated 
  • Paneled 

Polo Material options:

  • Polyblue (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Spundy (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Bandex (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Trifitt Human (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Heavy Drift (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Lytex (​100% Polyester / 140 -150 GSM)
  • ​Cotton Back (30% Cotton 70% Polyester / 140 - 150 GSM)
  • ​La Coste  (35% Cotton 65% Polyester / 140 - 150 GSM)


XLR8 Sports Apparel have a super keen design team, who love designing polo, and the sky is the limit, so let your imaginations run wild!  All you need to do is provide us your club colours and or logo, and pick out a favourite design of yours, and we can do the rest! If you already have a club design, or a design that you like, we can replicate a design (subject to copyright)


Send us an email with a description of what you would like your design to be, and our design team will work with you, to reach the desired result.